INTRAMA received award for Best Packaging

INTRAMA is the winner of the Prize Pack 2018 award at the tenth anniversary national competition for the best packaging in the category "plastics and composite materials". The award ceremony took place at Inter Expo Center - Sofia during international food, beverage and equipment exhibitions, Bulpek, Meatmania, Milk World, Salon of Wine, Inter Food and Drink, SIHRE (07-10 November 2018). The prize was received personally by Mr. Ivan Trionski - Manager INTRAMA PROTEK EOOD.

The prize was awarded for:

Multilayer barrier film for the brand "Delicates Jitnitsa" - 11-layer MAP packaging with a total thickness of 35μm, more ecological, safe and with excellent transparency.

Films for vacuum packaging for the brand "Dobrotitsa" - balanced packaging between vision and practicality. The added functionality of the easy open packaging adds value to the product and meets current market demands on the usefulness of packaging.

Films for vacuum packaging for the brand "Destan' - an innovative, more ecological, safe, with double barrier and perfect packaging vision.